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5 Things Yoga Beginners Should do to Maximize their Efforts



Follow these tips to make sure you get the most out of your new Yoga class/routine.

So you’ve finally decided to start your new Yoga routine. Great choice. 

Yoga has been keeping people healthy, calm and happy for thousands of years. In fact, with over 5000 years of history and development, it’s probably the most time-tested exercise routine out there. It’s proven to lower stress, burn fat, and maintain mobility. 

Not only does yoga have a proven track record, but it’s also one of the most simple routines out there. With a little coaching, or a few Youtube videos you can build a stable and repeatable routine. You don’t need much to start either. Just grab a mat (or even throw down a towel) and start your Yoga journey.

With that said, beginning Yoga can be a little daunting. There’s just so much out there that it can feel a little overwhelming.

Here’s the first tip; don’t let that stop you. As the wise man once said, “if something is worth doing, it’s worth doing badly.” Yoga isn’t hard. The entire ethos is simplicity and calm. So don’t worry, start out with confidence, and give it your best shot.

Here are a few tips to help you get off on the right foot.

Learn the Basics

For the beginner, Yoga is about learning simple things, like posture, breathing, and form. Take the time to relax, calm the noise, and focus on simple beginner poses. Since Yoga is a cumulative exercise, it builds on foundations. At the outset don’t worry about doing all the poses perfectly. Take it slow and work on getting one little thing right at a time.

While many people practice Yoga at home, Yoga is traditionally a guided routine. Instructors will help you stay calm, and enjoy the workout while getting the form right. So as a beginner it’s a good idea to get the basics down pat. Once you have the essentials you’ll have the tools to take your routine anywhere.

Make it a Habit

This might seem obvious, but if you plan to start a new Yoga routine, try to follow a schedule. Like all physical and mental exercise, Yoga is something you’ll get better at with time and practice. You’ll also learn to enjoy it more as you progress. Try to make your Yoga session a part of your daily routine. Pencil it into your schedule.

Whether you head to a class after work or do a home session in the early morning, regularity is your friend. Once again, as a beginner, a Yoga class with a regular schedule will help you stay on track. Outside accountability is proven to help consistency.

Find a Class

For beginners, a class is the best way to get an initial grounding. You can certainly get into Yoga through Youtube or other online options but nothing beats an in-person experience. An Instructor will help guide your breathing, improve your form, and keep you on track. All the little things you might not think of at home are outsourced to your instructor.

Yoga lends itself to tradition and experience. These attributes are more passed on than reinvented. So, as a beginner, look for a class. Your instructor will guide the entire workout from begging to end. You can just unroll your mat and follow along. 

Once you have the basics down, you’ll be able to take your routine anywhere. At-home sessions are perfect once you have the basic tools to build your routine.

Focus on Breathing

This tip probably falls under “learn the basics.” But it gets its own section because of its importance. Yoga poses are integrally connected to proper breathwork. Breath coaching is another perk you’ll get from a guided class. On your own, you’ll have to control your breathing solo. With an instructor, you’ll get frequent reminders about breathwork.

Proper breathwork is a Yoga essential because breathing is one of the main factors of a calm mind. Yoga ensures you have your breathing under control. Breath control calms your mind and, in combination with the various positions, 

Enjoy Yourself!

Yoga is one of the best practical ways to improve physical and mental health. It teaches mental calm, improved flexibility, and significantly contributes to physical longevity. But more than that, it’s fun!

This is important. Some workout routines can become over-wearying, and a little tiresome. Yoga teaches calm. You can leave your stress at the door, or let it seep out as you go through the various poses.

Enjoy yourself as you learn to calm yourself!

Final Recap

So, as we wish you good luck with your Yoga journey, we leave you with these five tips;

  • Learn the Basics
  • Create a Habit
  • Find a Class
  • Focus on Breathing
  • Enjoy the Journey

You’ll notice that many of the tips relate to a Yoga class. If you’re looking for an organized forum to start your experience, why not book a free consultation with one of our instructors? They’ll be able to answer any questions you might have before starting.

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