Movement is Medicine Approach

When we say movement is medicine, we’re not just throwing terms around – we mean it. The physical gains from personal training are important. But we want you to realize the potential of your life through movement.

Exercise is your opportunity to develop physical and mental toughness, battle depression, improve relationships, and develop clarity in life. The link between physical and mental health is so important we’ve built our system around it.

In this system, we use a corrective and functional approach to address the many layers of your goals (the knowns and the unknowns). It doesn’t matter what stage you’re at, we work with any level of fitness and experience you have.


You’ll succeed faster and learn so much! We absolutely love working with the potential you bring us. We’ll help you achieve the best version of yourself.


You’ll perform better and stabilize yourself against injury. This is a much more refined approach – the finishing touches so-to-speak that’ll optimize your goals.

Strong Beyond your Imagination

For a little background, Konga Fitness was established in 2014 by Khaled Fahim. Khaled noticed the majority of people trained the same way: machines, unchanged routines, and simple movements.

Any type of training comes from a good place, but having the right expert(s) guiding you is crucial. In our industry of personal training and group training, this doesn’t happen as often since most people train on their own. And we applaud them, we really do.

Where our expertise really shines is by teaching our Konga Clan how they’re designed to move and exercise. We don’t talk about weight loss, muscle growth, or strength gain because everyone (including ourselves) works on this already.

We help our clan achieve better lives through our exercise and movement protocol. It’s the higher goal of becoming a better parent, spouse, child, friend, team member, or colleague that we obsess over achieving for you. That’s why we say “strong beyond your imagination.” It’s our way of saying that the strength you gain will go beyond just the gym.