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Martial Arts Workout: INTERMEDIATE Drills at Home

Second official class fresh off the editing studio that you can use as an at home workout – Our intermediate class still involves the 3 elements we had last time which were:

1) Warm-up

2) Footwork

3) Striking

The difference is the level of difficult in these techniques. Intermediate adds the Southpaw stance to the mix which is when your right leg is the lead one. The striking combinations have increased in complexity too with more strikes, ducks, and blocks added. We definitely recommend trying this video out. If the techniques are too difficult, please refer to our martial arts class beginner video posted a few days before this one.

Few things to note:

A) Warm-ups are 30 reps each

B) Skipping is the only warm-up which is timed for 2 minutes

C) Each drill in the Footwork and Striking portions of the video is 2 minutes long.

D) Once the drill is completed, take a 45-second rest period until the next drill.

When training at home, it’s important to note that these videos aren’t the full class. The best way we recommend using this video is as a guide for your at home workout. Follow the instruction for each drill, and make sure you pay attention to the technique involved in the footwork and striking.

Remember that proper nutrition and hydration will really help supplement what you do with the workout. Having at least 250mL of water prior to the workout is a great way to ensure you’re properly hydrated. During the cool down (after the workout has completed), make sure you have a game plan for your food. Use a good combination of protein, healthy fats, and healthy carbs when creating a meal. This will help ensure that you’re getting all the right macromolecules to help repair your muscles, and restore your energy for the next workout.

If you have any questions at all, feel free to hit us up by dropping a comment, or sending us a message. We have more at home workouts coming your way, stay tuned!

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