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Konga’s Safety Measures for COVID-19 Prevention

Konga Health & Safety Guidelines

Konga Health & Safety Guidelines

COVID-19 Health and Safety Guidelines

Cleaning, Sanitation, & Disinfection

  • Alcohol-based hand rub stations will be available throughout all areas used by clinicians & patients (waiting room, reception, clinic room)
  • Following every patient visit, areas within 2 meters of them will be cleaned & disinfected (before another patient is seen)
      • This includes: treatment area, equipment, and horizontal surfaces (tables)
  • All common areas will be also be deeply cleaned daily (at the end of operational hours), including all physical barriers & horizontal surfaces
  • All non-essential items will be removed from patient care areas to minimize any potential for contaminated objects becoming vehicles of disease transmission
  • No-touch, foot-pedal garbage cans will be used to dispose of waste

Virtual/Telephone Care

  • Virtual and/or telephone consultations are available
  • Ask us for more information regarding this

Physical Distancing

  • Floor markers will be placed throughout the facility to help establish a 2-meter distances in the facility
  • Chairs, couch seats, and anything else in the waiting area will be spread apart using markers

One Patient-at-a-Time Policy

  • Only one patient will be treated at a time by the clinician
  • The next patient will wait outside until the patient before is finished and has exited the facility
  • All patients are asked to come in by themselves unless they require an essential visitor
      • An essential visitor can be a child, family member, or caregiver
      • Essential visitors must also be screened before entering our facility the same way patient was by having the pre-screening questionnaire filled out (see “Client Self-Monitoring” below)

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE):

  • N95 face masks and nitrile gloves will be used by the clinician at all times
  • These are highly recommended to be worn by patients too unless unable to / no access to them
  • Due to limited quantities of PPE available, we ask that patients bring their own face masks and gloves

Point of Care Risk Assessment

Clinicians & Staff Self-Monitoring

  • All staff members working will self-monitor themselves for COVID-19 symptoms at home before coming into clinic
  • Staff who are ill will not be permitted to come into work, and will immediately notify the Konga management team
  • The Konga management team will then immediately notify the Canadian Center for Occupational Health and Safety ( about the employee’s illness
  • Steps will be made to close the clinic indefinitely until a deep cleaning and disinfection protocol is completed to ensure the clinic will be safe to re-open

Client Self-Monitoring

  • An initial questionnaire will be sent directly to patient via email before they come into our facility
      • This quick questionnaire is meant to screen them for signs/symptoms of COVID-19
      • The patient must complete it before entering our facility for the first time
      • If the patient is negative for any/all of these signs/symptoms (i.e. they do not have any of them), they are permitted to come in
      • If the patient is positive for any/all of these signs/symptoms, we ask that they do not come into clinic
          • We also advise that they self-isolate themselves until they can safely take a test in an authorized facility to confirm whether they have the virus or not.
      • See our questionnaire at the bottom of this guideline
  • A follow-up sign-in sheet will also be used at our clinic for every patient visit after their initial visit
      • Patients will need to date and sign their follow-up sheet in the facility before their first interaction with the clinician
      • Signing and dating this sheet confirms that their answers to the initial questionnaire (regarding symptoms) haven’t changed since their last visit
      • Although this is to completed at the clinic before the interaction begins between clinician and patient, we ask that the patient self-monitors themselves and make sure they do not have any symptoms before coming into the clinic.

Signage at our Facility

Contents of Signage

  • Signage will contain reminders to staff, patients, and others about:
      • signs and symptoms of COVID-19
      • the importance of proper hand hygiene
      • the importance that all patients wear face coverings and gloves (if available and possible)
      • physical distancing, and…
      • respiratory etiquette (example:  covering face/mouth when coughing/sneezing)

Locations of Signage

  • Front entrance door
  • Entrance to office/clinic, at reception area
  • In the clinic room, and open gym area at multiple locations

Written Measures/Protocols

  • All staff in the facility are trained on safety measures & infection control protocols
  • These written measures and protocols are available to staff at all times


Covid 19 Screening Questionnaire

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