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Does Martial Arts Cause Arthritis?

martial arts in the sun

martial arts in the sun

Arthritis is an inflammation of the joints. It can affect just one joint in the body, but research has shown that if one is affected, there is a high risk of other joints being affected too.

The following are common causes of Arthritis.

  • Obesity
  • Age
  • Injuries during sports or accidents
  • Overuse of the joints resulting in wear and tear
  • Family history (hereditary)
  • Weakness of the muscle

Does Martial Arts Cause Arthritis?

When answering the question “does martial arts cause arthritis”, the answer will be relative to the mode and techniques of training. How are you practicing martial arts, and who are you practicing with? 

Different martial arts techniques can help reduce the pains of Arthritis by improving posture, stamina and stability when performed safely and with the right guidance. A study conducted on 15 patients with Rheumatoid Arthritis showed that Tai Chi improved muscle function in the lower limbs and improved overall movement. 

Martial arts is one of many sports that impact your body parts such as the joints, muscles, tendons and even your spines as you strike surfaces. Impact sports generally can cause a lot of stress to the joint due to the high pressure from the sports. Like all other impact sports, martial arts can affect the joints because of the repeated motions involved. 

How Can Martial Arts Cause Arthritis?

Martial arts can cause Arthritis if you are engaging in the following:

  • Excessive hard practice: Doing extremely hard practice can result in joint injuries, which might aggravate to become Arthritis.
  • Wrong body position and movements: Because martial arts requires a lot of movements of the joints, being in the wrong positions can cause undue pressure to your joints, mostly the knees and hip bones. If you feel more pain in your joint and hips after practice, there may have been improper alignment between the hips and the body.
  • Engaging in martial arts for the wrong reasons: Having the wrong motive will make you take the wrong routines, endangering yourself.

 However, martial arts will not damage the joint if performed safely and properly. 

How to Practice Martial Arts Safely


  • Take it easy

As a martial arts lover, you need to avoid doing too much at a time. This does not imply that you should not train regularly. Instead, understand your body and develop a routine that suits you. Do not push yourself too far at once. 

  • Take breaks

It is much better to begin gradually and let your muscles and joints gradually adapt to the routine and technique. Begin your training with a warm-up exercise to tune the body and prepare it for the task ahead.

Because of the impact of the sports, injuries are bound to occur. Stop if there is an injury, especially to the joint, as continued workout with an injury will only cause more damage and hence lead to serious issues.

  • Treat injuries immediately

Get appropriate medical treatment when injured. When an injury occurs, get a physiotherapist to look at it and determine how serious it is. Treating injuries on time will accelerate the healing process and reduce time spent away from training.

  • Train with an expert

Start with the right coach who understands your limitations and can work around them to develop a routine that best suits you. Never engage in martial arts with the wrong person and with the wrong motive. Beginning with a well-trained coach will help reduce some of the risk factors associated with the sports.

There is a connection between martial arts and arthritis. However, doing the practice the right way and with professionals will keep you from hurting yourself. Martial arts is an excellent practice that teaches discipline and strength amongst other benefits. Get the right coach and you will have no issues now or in future. 


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