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Konga. This is the name personal trainer extraordinaire Khaled Fahim adopted as a 3X World-Egyptian Kickboxing champion while he competed as a professional fighter. Konga is a symbol of balance, a concept that describes Khaled’s philosophy of training. As a fighter, he quickly knew that in order to achieve optimal performance and health, he needed to balance the mind, body and soul. This is a fundamental tenet that he spent more than 15 years perfecting while becoming successful in the fitness industry. Part of his success also came from his unremitting drive to help his clients achieve their goals and become stronger, functional individuals. The first thing people often note about Khaled is his charismatic and humble demeanor. He is very respectful and determined to help, yet he is always willing to say and do what is best for the client. Khaled will make sure you learn more than you thought, achieve more than you expect, and realize more than you previously envisioned.

Konga Fitness, the Brand

Konga Fitness is the movement Khaled established in 2014 that people across the GTA are becoming increasingly aware of. It currently has two branches and is continuing to expand to meet the demand of its clients. The company uses a very individualized program for each of its clients, and follows a systematic approach that includes personalized assessments, nutrition plans, client-centered training, goal setting, and regular reports. Khaled’s hand-selected team of diverse fitness experts in their respective fields have a wealth of knowledge and training experience that can get you to your goals faster and more efficiently. Their expertise extends into athletic/functional training, movement science, sport-specific training, mixed martial arts, and Olympic lifting. The goal of Konga Fitness is to empower clients to use their body as a tool to change their lives.

How you can benefit

It’s simple. Khaled’s philosophy will bring your body back to its natural and optimal state. It begins with the notion that our bodies are structures that are meant to move. Society has a way of taking us away from this natural inclination of ours. That is why Konga Fitness focuses on retraining your functional patterns which can help you:

  • Improve your posture
  • Reduce your musculoskeletal pain
  • Use proper biomechanics during lifts
  • Increase your power, strength, and endurance
  • Boost your confidence and well-being

Come Try out a Session

What better way to find out what makes Konga Fitness the movement it is today than to try out a session with one of our specialized personal trainers? See for yourself! As challenging as the session will be, we guarantee that you will find yourself able to get through it with a sense of accomplishment and a resonating astonishment at your feat. Join the movement!

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