Our Family

KONGA is a way of life. A global movement. A precious legacy brought down through generations. It’s origins are deeply rooted in family.


KONGA is a way of life. A global movement. A precious legacy brought down through generations. It’s origins are deeply rooted in FAMILY.

The KONGA family learned very early on, going back to our founder’s grandfather, that fighting and movement are the key to unlocking happy, healthy, and balanced lives.

Our philosophy stems from this rich heritage and wisdom. As part of our family, you will see this manifested in all our services:

  • Personal Training
  • Martial Arts for Kids & Adults
  • Therapy
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Ideal State

We’ve spoken to many people over the years about their goals and what their ideal life would look like. We’ve found a common thread across all answers. Can you guess what ALL of them said? You got it.

Happiness. Confidence. Balance.

Happiness comes from a healthy and active mind and body. Happiness is an indication of how balanced you are.

Confidence comes from picking up small wins over time that snowball into larger and larger wins.

Balance comes when you have the right state of mind and energy. You can think better, make better decisions, and live a more fulfilling life.

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A Family First Environment

This is exactly what KONGA is all about. A family first environment that gives everyone the opportunity for a more fulfilling life through a balanced body. At your own pace!

We will start you off at ground zero, re-orient your physical and mental wellbeing, help build your strength and confidence, until you finally arrive at your optimal state of being; happy, confident and balanced.

Our unique systems are carefully designed and applicable to every type of person in fitness life.


Our Expertise

Where our expertise really shines is by teaching our Konga Clan how they’re designed to move and exercise. We don’t talk about weight loss, muscle growth, or strength gain because everyone (including ourselves) works on this already.

We help our clan achieve better lives through our exercise and movement protocol. It’s the higher goal of becoming a better parent, spouse, child, friend, team member, or colleague that we obsess over achieving for you. That’s why we say “strong beyond your imagination.” It’s our way of saying that the strength you gain will go beyond just the gym.

KONGA has been around since 2002



Over 10,000 clients have been trained by us.



We’ve conducted over 20,350 training sessions.

12k lbs

Weight Lost

Total amount of weight lost by Konga Fitness.



Over 4,200 pounds of muscles have been gained by us.



We’ve changed over 900 lives with our training sessions.

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