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Martial Arts Class: BEGINNER Quarantine Workout

Join Khaled Konga as he demonstrates another Beginners Martial Arts workout you can do at home, a quarantine workout so to speak. In this video, we’ve added more striking combinations from the previous beginners video. Khaled performs these techniques slowly at first so you can observe his technique, and then he performs it at normal pace afterwards.

Each drill is meant to be done for 2 minutes, with a rest period of 45 seconds between the drills. A suitable warm-up consisting of jump-rope, jumping jacks, and other dynamic movements is recommended prior to completion of these drills. This will ensure you are limber and able to effectively complete the movements while reducing the risk of injury completing this quarantine workout.

Martial Arts is the combination of different fighting methods into one. It incorporates the disciplines of Muay Thai, Kickboxing, Boxing, Wrestling, Jiu Jitsu, Judo, and more. Because of the variety of disciplines, you’ll always get a functional quarantine workout when you train with Khaled Konga. Punching not only builds power, but helps open up your shoulders and upper back’s range of motion. The same thing can be said for kicking and your hip and low back range of motion. On top of everything else, you’ll be getting great conditioning out of this.

One of the problems with staying at home for extended periods of time is the lack of movement. Couple that with poor diet choices out of boredom, and you have the perfect recipe for a deficient immune system – and now’s not the time for that folks! So lets get this work in, and get a good meal after filled with all of your macro- and micro-molecules!

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