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Simple Gym Outfits for Ladies



What you wear actually affects your workout.

We all remember that feeling from our childhood; you’re heading out the door in an outfit you don’t like and didn’t choose, and you’re helpless to change it. You knew the day wasn’t going to go well, but you were already out the door and far from your closet or dresser. Going to the gym shouldn’t be like that!

What you wear in the gym should be comfortable and functional, and it should make you look good. Your outfit should work for the workout you’re doing and it should give you the security, comfort, and confidence to put all your energy onto the workout.

Bearing all this in mind, let’s dive into some simple options for ladies’ gym outfits. Gym wear for ladies has criteria.

Four Factors

  • Comfort and Functionality
  • Strength and Durability
  • Weight and Thickness
  • Looking Good

Comfortable, Flexible, and Functional

Comfort is the first consideration. If you’re trying on gym clothing ask yourself first and foremost “Am I comfortable.” Is the item the right size and does it do what it should? Comfort is the first rule. Don’t buy new shoes that look great but give you blisters after five minutes of training.

Second, the outfit should, generally speaking, fit the workout. For example, Konga fitness offers classes in Strength and Conditioning and Yoga classes. If you’re at the gym for a yoga class, yoga leggings are going to be the most functional legwear. Yoga requires flexibility and breathability above compression or support. Heavy lifting, on the other hand, benefits from compression tights which better hold muscles in place and aid circulation.

For materials, look for Cotton, Spandex (usually mixed with other materials), Wool, and Bamboo. Yes, that’s right, bamboo is actually used for some top-quality workout apparel. It’s light, breathable, and antistatic. But for most workouts any of the above, or some combination, will serve.


Good fitness apparel should be strong and durable. Personally, I don’t want to have my workout cut short by an embarrassing rip during a particularly hard lift or stretch. Here’s where quality comes in. In the long run, it’s worth going with a little more quality at a higher price over a cheap off-brand outfit.

Make sure that whatever your outfit, it is strong and suited for rigorous exercise.


Another factor to consider is the temperature and the environment. Running outdoors will be highly variable in this area. If the weatherman calls for rain no need to change plans just dress accordingly. Obviously, summer gym wear for ladies will differ from winter gym wear. Cold temperatures can lead to faster muscle cooling which might slow you down. By the same token hotter ambient temperature leads to higher body temps and will keep your muscles ready to move longer.

It’s a good idea to match your outfit to the workout environment. Simply speaking this means layers. For example, if you’re wearing a workout T and sweater, try bringing a sweater you can work out in and not one you’re going to need to take off if you’re doing an intense workout.

Look good

Lastly, look good. Looking good doesn’t mean wearing some flashy outfit that’s going to turn heads at the gym. It just means that you like your workout outfit. It’s comfortable, it’s functional, and it makes you feel confident. In the same way, buying a new pair of sneakers can make you feel like a queen, wearing a smart gym outfit can make a difference in your workout.

Feeling good about your workout outfit will contribute to your ability to focus on the workout and get results. So if you’re going to the gym, why not look good?

Ladies Gym Kit; Some Examples

So we know what to look for in a ladies’ gym outfit, let’s go through a few examples.

  • Yoga Class

Pants–If you’re heading out to a Yoga class with a light warmup, a comfortable pair of flexible and breathable yoga pants or track pants is what you’re looking for. Because it’s a yoga class you’re not going to be doing any fast motions as you might in a sports scenario or a martial arts class. Yoga pants are designed for this and are more appropriate than compression pants.

Shirts and Sweaters–For the Upper body, the same rules apply. You want something functional, flexible and breathable. A light tank top or T-shirt covered in a zip-up hoodie would meet the occasion.

Shoes–don’t need to be anything specialized. Just runners or sneakers that you feel comfortable walking and standing in. There’s no need for specialized runners or weightlifting shoes. Yoga shoes can be any comfortable pair of runners in your closet.

  • Strength and Conditioning

If you’re heading to a strength and conditioning class the outfit might be a little different. The workout will likely include some form of rapid movement and perhaps some heavy lifting.muay-thai-muscle-build

Pants–compression pants with adequate thickness and durability. These pants are more durable. They are geared towards active workouts where the individual is moving rapidly, jumping, or striking. Compression pants will keep you comfortable and secure during a more intense workout.

Shirts and Sweaters–tight-fitting shirts with a light covering sweater would be ideal for this workout. Again since you’re going to be jumping around, lifting and possibly striking, a secure outfit is the key. Something that will give you the confidence to put all your energy into the workout.

Shoes–Strength and conditioning might include some lifting and some bodyweight training. For shoes something with a little more support is appropriate. A shoe that provides the right comfort and support should be the goal.


Good Ladies’ gym outfits come down to a few key factors, including comfort, flexibility, breathability and weight. Tights or sweatpants are suitable provided they meet the criteria for the workout you’re heading into. Tank tops, T-shirts, and hoodies are your upper body apparel, again provided they meet the comfort, security and durability requirements. Most athletic shoes will do for most in gym workouts although the better the quality generally the better the experience long term.

Finding the right outfit isn’t complicated, like anything in life you just have to dress for the occasion.

And one last time, don’t forget to look good and feel confident!

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