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World is the Gym – Simple Kettlebell Workout

We call it a simple kettlebell workout because you can do it anywhere. However, make sure you start with lighter weights to get accustomed to these movements as there is skill and technique involved. The better you can match the technique, the more effective this routine will be for you.

As the world continues to stay home, the line between the gym and the rest of the world continues to blur. It’s time to look at your immediate environment through a different lens. One that sparks creativity from any given circumstance. The idea is that you need to find a way to adapt your workouts to any environment with any skill level. That’s the challenge we face, but we must address.

A simple kettlebell workout like ours is a great place to get started. Again we filmed this outside. But you can literally do this anywhere if you have access to a kettlebell or dumbbell at a challenging enough weight for you. It’s a short and straightforward workout you can do anywhere. When you maximize your effort in these workouts, you’ll get the most out of them for better results.

The truth about fitness sometimes is that less can be more. Relying on machines that force you to move a certain way can restrict your function. And although they serve a purpose, a higher purpose is to build functional ability. This means being able to control weights in whichever position you desire. This can make things more challenging but it has better transition into sports. Just watch how some of your favourite athletes train!

With a simple kettlebell workout, you can almost guarantee you’ll get a functional workout. What we have laid out is a lower body routine you can do, while strengthening the stabilizers in your shoulders (i.e. through overhead positions like the overhead single-arm squat). The kettlebell used in this video was 25-pounder. Pick a weight that is challenging but at the same time won’t put you at risk of injury. Otherwise, we hope you enjoyed this quick routine!

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