Zaid Sawa, Personal Trainer and Kickboxing Instructor

Zaid always preaches that training in mixed martial arts gives you the physical and mental discipline to do anything from becoming a complete fighter to achieving optimal health. Anyone can throw some gloves and kicks, as long as they commit their selves to it. It is an art of four limbs that makes use of every part of your body. Growing up in a war-torn country, Zaid’s natural inclination was to train as a fighter. The physical benefits allowed him to achieve success in the professional kickboxing world. However, the mental benefits were the jewels that made him into who he is today. His moto is that every single one of us has a fighter in us – it comes down to how willing you are to embrace it and become stronger. Not all of us need to train to fight in physical combat, but everyone can benefit from the mental reward. Zaid is also an awesome personal trainer! Whether he is getting you to pound on some pads or lift a barbell over your head, he will get the best out of you.