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Top 5 Common Excuses For Not Working Out



For most people, exercising or working out can be a big challenge, as it requires consistency to achieve the desired result. However, being able to will ourselves to get it done is way more challenging than we can imagine. 

So, if you find yourselves making excuses or unable to exercise, you should know that there is a solution. This post will highlight five common excuses people give for not working out and how to overcome them. 

Top 5 common excuses for not working out

1. There is no time

One of the most common excuses for people not working out is because they complain of time constraints. However, they do not understand that giving excuses about not having time to work out would eventually rationalize the excuse in their mind. 

The more you do this, the more you keep pushing your will to workout farther away. Generally, this excuse comes from people who feel they have a busy schedule and can’t spare the time to take care of their bodies. However, creating time or scheduling an hour every morning can be a great way to overcome this excuse.

2. It is stressful and not fun

People who give the excuse that exercising is stressful or not fun always say this because they often come up with a routine by themselves. The stress can also be from not knowing the right way to work out and have fun. With people like this, getting back to exercising can be difficult because the mind is disconnected from the process, making it hard for their body to cooperate. 

People who feel this way are usually those who are quite boisterous and vibrant, hence their need for constant stimulation. However, if they want to overcome this, the best way is to either go to a gym and have an instructor schedule a workout routine or join a workout session.

3. Gym memberships are expensive 

If you look through ads for gym memberships, you’d see that the prices range from affordable to luxurious. This doesn’t stop actual gym adherents from working out, but this can be an issue for those who struggle to make ends meet. 

However, when people make this statement, one thing they forget is that not searching for information can also affect their psyche and make them believe that exercising is costly. This way, they go on with their daily activities with the mindset that they don’t need to exercise because they can’t afford it. 

To fix this issue, a search on the internet would provide enough workout routines you can do from the comfort of your home without paying any membership fee.

4. I’m not comfortable working out 

This is a valid reason not to work out, mostly due to the adverse reaction we get when we work out at a social gathering. People who feel this way are usually battling anxiety due to their appearance. When this happens, they most often avoid exercising altogether. However, overlooking this feeling is the best way to get over it. Also, working out at home can build confidence to take it to the next level. 

5. I’m not consistent enough 

Inconsistency plays a big role in determining why people give up working out, as consistency is required for you to see results. When you aren’t consistent, you must understand that you are almost starting over when you decide to begin again. 

This feeling is common among those who want quick results. Unfortunately, with exercising, a level of consistency is required. To achieve this, working with accountability gym partners can be helpful, as they motivate you to reach your goals and targets.


It is imperative to know that exercising is very important for our body, and excuses do not help. This is why you must drop those excuses and take a step to be consistent or put enough interest into working out.


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