Episode 3 – Ramadan & Training While Fasting

Hey guys, lots of take-aways you can’t miss in this podcast episode. We dive deep into a very important topic today which is training while fasting. Ramadan is a month every year that Muslims all over the globe celebrate. We fast each day of the month from dusk till dawn. This means no food or water during daylight hours. It might seem like a pretty intense fast, but because we’ve done this since we were young, we’ve adapted well to it.

Although most of us are aware that keeping active during the month of Ramadan is important, we find exercise hard to implement. With decreased energy and fear of dehydration as some of the things people worry about, we did our part in debunking a lot of these myths. We’re not trying to say that training while fasting is easy. However, we do think it’s necessary to be complete as an individual and this means staying active. Remember, the mind, body, and spirit influence each other and we must do our parts to build all three.

With the coronavirus or COVID-19 forcing us to stay inside, we must be even more keen on training while fasting. During our episode we cover many interesting topics related to fasting. We touched upon the common myths about Ramadan. We looked at different ways to get proper nutrition including how to time your meals, how to ensure you’re properly hydrated, the type of training you should be doing, and more. We did our best to cover everything.

We also discussed our personal experiences. I talk about participating in basketball tournaments while fasting and touch upon weird but cool studies related to it. Khaled touched upon about how he recommends we train and as well as his stories about personal training clients. The main point that we’re trying to get out of this discussion is that it’s absolutely crucial to stay active during Ramadan.

Our recommendation: At the VERY least, you’ll need to complete at least 30 minutes of exercise each day. We have plenty of videos on our website (www.kongafitness.com) that you can use to follow along. Don’t worry about increasing your strength or endurance during this month. Focus more on maintaining a good level of activity without over-training as recovery during this month won’t be quite as fast.

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