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Konga TRX Workout: Push & Pull Anywhere!

The world is your canvas for this workout (although current Covid-19 recommendations are to perform these at home). For this TRX workout, you’ll need a TRX rope, but they’re not hard to find online. They typically go anywhere from $70 – $100, and should be in stock. No need to get the commercial TRX rope system as the regular one is just fine for our purposes.

Watch Konga as he walks you through a ton of exercises you can complete with this TRX workout. No need for weights anymore to do both your push and pull exercises. Simply set up a TRX rope at your door, and you’ve got yourself a full push/pull routine at your finger tips. The videos were created with difficulty progressions in mind. The earlier exercises are easier to complete.

As you continue the workout, you’ll notice that they do begin to get more complicated – but not to worry, you got this! TRX workouts are convenient because they can be done anywhere. They’re also more functional than traditional workouts as you’ve got to engage your core to keep your body straight. Add the coordination element of keeping your body balanced, and now you’re challenging multiple body systems.

In terms of parameters like reps, sets, and rest, you can follow a basic breakdown. What we recommend is a typical parameter set as follows:

A) 3 sets per exercise

B) 8 -12 reps per set

C) 1 minute break in between sets

But again, modify it as you need to – no need to be picky about details. And as always, thanks so much for tuning in – if you enjoyed this workout and want to see more, you can support us by hitting the like and subscribe buttons! If you have any questions, simply drop a comment and we’ll respond quickly!

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