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What Kind Of Yoga Pants Do I Need?



Yoga pants are more than just a workout essential. They can also work well for social settings. It’s a no-brainer why it’s become a staple in every female wardrobe. 

Whether you’ve decided to do hot yoga, pilates, or more home/gym workouts, you need yoga pants that meet your every need based on your activity. 

Let’s look at the different types of yoga pants and how to pick the ones that are right for your needs. 

7 Types Of Yoga Pants 

What makes yoga leggings different from other pants is that they are comfortable, flexible, thick, and stylish. Yoga pants come in different lengths, materials, cuts, and designs, so let’s look at a few below. 

  • High Waist Yoga Pants

High waist yoga pants are very flattering to the body shape with stretchy material that sits snugly. The waistband sits at least an inch above your belly button and reaches your ankle or stops mid-length, depending on what you want. The material is light enough for your skin to breathe and thick enough to protect your curves.

This type of yoga pants for women is a go-to because it ensures that even when doing a series of body twists, bends, and stretches, it won’t keep shifting out of place. 

  • Yoga Shorts

For more humid and hot weather, yoga shorts are perfect because, just like the name implies, they are about 3 to 4 inches in length. These types of yoga pants are body-fitting, stretchy and sit comfortably above your belly button. 

Yoga shorts make the perfect gym yoga pants because even while doing an intense workout, pilates, or hot yoga, you’ll still feel light without any movement restrictions. Also, they’re very cute and stylish!

  • Loose Yoga Pants

Just like you would assume, this type of yoga pants is more loose fitting than traditional yoga leggings/tights. It comes with a well-fitted waistband, and is loose all the way to the ankle. Loose yoga pants are usually made with a soft, breathable material and prioritise comfort and flexibility. 

If you’re not a fan of tightly fit pants, get one of these and still enjoy every refreshing workout you have. 

  • Yoga Leggings

This style is loved for how stretchy and fitting they are from the waist down to the ankle. The slim fit and soft material make movement easy without worrying about the pants shifting. The material used to make these are breathable, absorbent and dries sweat to keep you comfortable and airy. 

Yoga leggings are perfect for hot yoga and pilates, which require a lot of flexibility. There are, of course, different colours and patterns and even yoga leggings with pockets available to fit your style. 

  • Compression/Workout Yoga Pants

These particular pants are also known as gym yoga pants because of their high-intensity workout features. They are also called compression pants because they fit tightly around your legs and allow your skin to sweat and breathe. Compression pants are great for those into intense workouts and even hot yoga. 

  • Maternity Yoga Pants

Just like the name implies, maternity yoga pants are specially designed for pregnant women who want to keep fit. These yoga pants are made with stretch and comfortable material around the waistband and length. 

Its features allow pregnant women to move freely and safely without worrying about unnecessary shifts. 

  • Yoga Capris 

So let’s assume you’re not a big fan of full-length yoga pants, and yoga shorts are just too exposing for you; that’s where capris come in. Yoga capri pants are long enough to give you coverage and freedom without getting to your ankle.

These pants usually stop about 2 inches or 3 inches below your knee. They come in different material types for women who want them tight or loose. Yoga capris are perfect for flexibility (and grocery shopping, too!).

4 Things To Look For In Quality Yoga Pants

As we mentioned, there are so many different brands of yoga pants, given how popular they’ve become among women. So how do you choose the best, reasonably priced, and durable yoga pants? Take these four criteria into consideration before buying yoga pants.

  • Material: The synthetic material used to make the yoga pants plays a very important role, and some of the best include polyester, lycra, spandex, and nylon.
  • Flexibility: Your yoga pants need to allow free movement of your body, especially during stretches, twists, raises, and bends. It still boils down to the material because that would determine how breathable and nonrestrictive it is.
  • Moisture-Wick: What’s a workout without sweating? Before you buy any type of yoga pants, you need to ensure that it’s moisture-wicking so that as you sweat, it dries off almost immediately. Nylon and polyester stand out in this aspect. 
  • Customer reviews: Lastly, since most shopping is done online, checking out reviews about a brand before purchasing to get your money’s worth is important. 

Yoga and working out, in general, do amazing things to your body, making getting the perfect yoga pants according to your needs essential to enjoy the full experience! Be sure to start and continue your yoga journey with the right trainers to get the best results. 


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