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Many women choose a women-only gym over a mixed men’s and women’s gym for their fitness and training activities. There are a host of reasons for this, from specific class focus to training peace of mind and general comfort.

Regardless of your reason for choosing a ladies-only gym, once you have made the decision there are a few things you should look for. Take a tour of the facility. A tour will give you the info you need to make your choice. The tour is an especially good idea when choosing a women’s only gym, where you’ll likely be paying a little more than a basic fit-for-less or planet fitness member and getting a more personalized experience.

A simple google search like “ladies only gyms near me” will reveal several options in your general area. But, before signing on the dotted line and committing to the weekly, monthly or yearly membership look to check these five boxes.

  • Space

As you tour the facility take note of the building space. Is there adequate space for you to get your work out in, even during peak hours? No gym (outside your home gym) will have enough space and equipment to ensure you never bump into someone else, but during peak hours a little more space goes a long way.

Box number 1: does this gym have the space for my fitness program? Will I be able to get my workout in even during busier times?

  • Programs and Facilitieswomen-only-gym

Note the available equipment and check with the management or trainers regarding the classes and programs offered. Most women’s only gyms feature programs popular with women such as Yoga, Pilates, and other group-directed fitness activities. This could be exactly what you’re looking for or it could be limiting. Maybe you’d prefer a strength and conditioning program because you’re training athletically. Maybe you’re seeking women’s only martial arts training. Check with the management to make sure the gym has the program and equipment you’re looking for.

Box number 2: Does the gym offer the programs you’d like to take and does it have the equipment you need? Or is it Yoga only, Pilates only, or only dedicated to a specific fitness program?

  • Location

Working out is tough sometimes. There are always days when you don’t want to do it. Even though you know you’ll probably be healthier and happier if you do. Strategies exist to overcome and minimize the mental games that keep you from your workout.

One way to up your chances of actually using that membership is to make a trip to the gym logistically easy. If you’re searching for “ladies-only gyms near me” hopefully your final choice isn’t too far away. Hopefully going to the gym is relatively easy.

For those in the Mississauga area, Konga Fitness is located at the intersection of two of Toronto’s major highways (Hwy 427 & Hwy 401), making it a fast option for those in the area.

Try to find a gym that’s easy to get to. This can be difficult because the options for a ladies-only gym in your area will be more limited than gyms in general. Just bear in mind that the easier it is to get yourself to the gym the more likely you’ll be to make the trip and use that membership.

Box number 3: Is this gym close enough that I’ll really go often enough to make it worth my while?

  • Trainers

If you’re looking for a ladies-only gym you’re going to want female trainers as well. If you can, meet with some of the trainers when you do your gym tour. Ask lots of questions about their programs and their experience. Good trainers will make sure you get the most out of your experience.

A good first question would be, ‘are there trainers available for members?’ Having someone external to bounce ideas off and ask advice is a big part of a gym experience. Trainers can encourage and motivate you. They can offer tips for more effective exercises and programs. They’ll also likely be the ones teaching any programs that might be offered so your impression of them might be indicative of your experience in a particular class or program.

Box Number 4: Are there trainers at this gym? What are the staff like? Are they friendly and knowledgeable?

  • Hours

Similar to location, a gym’s hours are an important element of the gym’s convenience and functionality. It’s important that the gym keeps hours that are compatible with your schedule. If you work early you might want to work out really early or a little later. 9-5 hours can be difficult for the average working person to make.

In the same way, a convenient location ups your chances of actually making it to the gym, and convenient hours that work with your schedule will enable you to get your workout in even when your life gets busy.

Box Number 5: Is this gym open during the times I can slot in my workout? Are the hours flexible enough to ensure I make use of my membership?


So, you’re looking for a women’s only gym in your area. Now you know what to look for:

  • Adequate Space
  • The Programs You Want and the Facilities You Need
  • Convenient Location
  • Experienced and Friendly Staff
  • Workable Hours of Operation

You should be able to check each box (or not) with a website search and a gym tour…really not much work to do before you commit to a membership. Most gyms will offer a free trial day to check out the facilities and get a feel for the space, so why not get a workout out while you’re finding your gym?

P.S. Konga Fitness checks each box. Konga offers Yoga and other popular flexibility and fitness programs alongside many other programs including martial arts training; all offered specifically for ladies. If you’re in Mississauga and seeking a ladies-only gym, drop by for a tour!

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