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Martial Arts Intermediate – Workouts Without Weights

To become better at martial arts, you need to make sure that your training involves some form of conditioning. Workouts without weights are a great way to accomplish this. This can be anything that increases your heart rate and challenges your stamina. Conditioning is important because the most effective punches and kicks will not help you if you’re out of breath. This is often a problem for most people starting out, and so we make sure we address this early on when we train our students.

However, before any conditioning training takes place you must warm up and stretch. We begin our videos with basic warm-ups you can do to get blood flow going, loosen up the joints/muscles, and put your body in a state of activation. Again, just like any workouts without weights it’s important to exercise proper technique in order to prevent injuries. With any of the warm ups in the video, begin with a slow pace. You want to feel the movement first before increasing the speed of it.

Once you get into the drill portion of the martial arts workouts without weights video, pay attention to the instructors hands and feet. All techniques will be performed slowly initially before being sped up to real-time. Foot work is the foundation of each strike, so make sure your feet are in the right place at all times. Watch the extension of each punch thrown as well – you’ll notice that the instructor is very efficient in the way he throws his strikes.

Lastly, have a good time. A lot of these “workouts without weights” exercises can be tough, but they’re also fun to do. You’ll get a great sweat and not feel like the workout is dragging on. And that’s the point. Since the strikes and combos are constantly changing, you’re never doing the same thing twice in these workouts. You’re building a great skillset that’ll help you defend yourself if you ever need to in the future. Of course, online workouts do not replace in-the-gym classes, but it’s important we remain active during COVID-19 season.

In any case, we hope you enjoyed this video – please drop a comment if you have any questions!

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