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About Us

Everyone has strength beyond their imagination.

After starting Konga Fitness in 2014, Khaled noticed that the majority of people train the same way. They used machines, stuck to the same routine, and performed simple isolations movements. Although this style of training serves a purpose, what it disregards is how we’re designed to move: by coordinating the use of multiple muscles and joints at the same time through movement.

The crazy thing about the body is that the more you move it, the more it rewards your health. Joint fluidity, muscle strength, and posture all get optimized while metabolism, bone density, and mental health improve. No one embodies this training method better than an athlete – it’s basically their job to use functional movements for performance training.

Our vision is to empower ANYONE to feel and train like an athlete. When we can do this, you’ll perform exercises and movements you once deemed impossible for yourself – all while strengthening your health.