Cause of Back Pain

Routine is the Cause of My Back Pain

We live in a modern society, but we each respond differently to modern conveniences. Our height, shape and proportions cause us to interact uniquely with our environment and to adapt to activities and traumas we’ve experienced. This helps some of us develop a healthy movement system while the rest of us develop a painful one

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Fasting and Exercise

Martial Arts & Fitness – Fasting and Exercise

Fasting and exercise will be important this month. This follow-along series will give our viewers the opportunity to learn martial arts instruction as well as fitness exercises. This promotes the double benefit of learning how to protect yourself and getting/staying in shape. Yes you heard that right, you can get more than one thing out of this!

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Pilates for Beginners

Pilates for Beginners – Try These at Home!

In this video, you’ll learn all the spaces in your body, all points of contact with the floor, and the neutral position. These are all important fundamental aspects of pilates – they’ll help you understand how to activate your core and spine, control the movement of your shoulder blades, and incorporate proper breathing in all of your movements.

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Push Workout You Can do Anywhere

Here’s another one to add to our online workout videos series. Konga is demonstrating a whole bunch of things you can do for pushing movements. In the video, you’ll see different types of crawls, push-ups, and movements that will get your pressing strength and endurance improved! Best of all – no equipment needed guys.

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At-Home Kickboxing Fitness Workout

Guys, there’s no excuse to stop moving! We’re in a crazy time when social distancing and isolation are important to beat the coronavirus. However, it’s absolutely crucial to understand the following:  nothing is more important to your health than a strong immune system.

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